How to grow Red Yakon

We will aim to deliver your Yakon in February/March. You will receive 3 caudices (growing tips).

Young Yacon tuber

Step 1

Plant immediately with the growing point upwards into individual pots and cover with 1” of damp (but not wet) compost.

Keep warm (18°C) until shoots emerge.

Field of Yacon

Step 2

When frost risk has gone transplant to a prepared soil ridge (potato ridge) outside.

Place the plants 50cm apart in ridges. (by August plants will reach up to 2 meters in height so avoid planting where shading of other vegetables will be a problem).

Yakon grows vigorously so there is no need to add fertilizer / manure to fertile soils.

Avoid areas with high slug or snail populations which can graze the early foliage.

Yakon is reasonably drought tolerant so watering is only required in very dry conditions until tuber bulking. In August and September keep soils moist for maximum tuber yields.

Yacon flowers

Step 3

Yakon grows naturally without disease attack in the UK so little attention is needed until small orange flowers develop in late August / early September. When these appear ensure the soil is moist to achieve yields over 10kg per plant.

Harvested Yacon

Step 4

When the first frosts occur the foliage will die. Harvest the deeper spindle shaped tubers 2-3 weeks later before heavy ground frosts occur, taking care not to damage them.

Yacon Salad

Step 5

Store freshly harvested tubers in a paper sacks in warm place (20oC) for 2 weeks to allow exposed flesh to heal and the sweetness improve. Stored in paper sacks in a garage or shed (avoiding temperatures below 8C), Yakon tubers will store until the following June with minimal losses.